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Mannheim, Congress Center Rosengarten,
14.-17. November 2017

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// Distributed Tracing: Understanding how all your components work together

Understanding system failures traditionally starts with looking at a single component in isolation. However, this approach does not provide sufficient information with distributed services architectures. In these systems, end-user requests traverse dozens of components, and therefore a new approach is needed.

In this talk we’ll look at distributed tracing, which summarizes and contextualizes all sides of the story into a well-scoped and shared timeline. We’ll also look at distributed tracing tools, like Zipkin, which highlight the relationship between components, from the very top of the stack to the deepest aspects of the system.

This session is open to anyone interested in software architecture and software operations in general, and distributed systems architectures in particular. A general knowledge of microservices architecture, logging and APIs is expected, although the presentation does not require a deep technical expertise.

People who attend this session will leave full of ideas on how to tackle certain problems that came up when moved to microservices, and a better understanding of the challenges of facing simple systems vs. multi-service architecture. Participants will also have a good grasp of distributed tracing—what it is, how it works, and what it can be used for. Finally, attendees will gain a basic understanding of how distributed tracing tools can help with understanding and monitoring multi-service architecture.

// Referent

José Carlos Chávez José Carlos Chávez

is a Software Engineer at Typeform and a Mathematics student at the Universitat de Barcelona. He enjoys working with APIs and distributed tracing, and is the author of the official OpenTracing API library and Zipkin instrumentation for PHP. While not working with code, you can find him sipping on craft beers.