Die Konferenz für Continuous Delivery und DevOps
Mannheim, Congress Center Rosengarten,
14.-17. November 2017

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// Quo vadis, Prometheus?

Prometheus is taking the monitoring world by storm, in cloud-native and traditional environments. This talk will cover new developments in the Prometheus world and give an outlook on the roadmap of the project.

Amongst others we will look at details of the new storage engine's hyperscalability, Prometheus' generic read/write interface, third-party integrations like InfluxDB and Weave Cortex, as well as efforts to spin out Prometheus' exposition format into its own project.

Attendees should ideally be familiar with Prometheus and its underlying concepts to gain full advantage of the talk. That being said, anyone with a working understanding of monitoring will benefit from this talk.

Updates and news about the Prometheus world, including:

* Prometheus' new storage engine and its benefits
* the new generic read/write interface, enabling long-term storage
* third-party integrations like InfluxDB and Weave Cortex,
* Prometheus' exposition and how to make more vendors and projects support it

// Referent

Richard Hartmann Richard Hartmann

is a technical architect at SpaceNet with a heavy focus on networking, monitoring, and effecting change throughout all levels of a company. By night, "RichiH" is involved in several FLOSS projects, including Debian and Prometheus, and organizing related conferences, including FOSDEM, DENOG, and Chaos Communication Congress.