Die Konferenz für Continuous Delivery und DevOps
Mannheim, Congress Center Rosengarten,
14.-17. November 2017

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// Love Containers, Love DevOps, Love Kubernetes... Where's my business case?

Love the idea of containers, a DevOps culture, and how Kubernetes accelerates application delivery while also cutting demand on infrastructure, abstracting it away from you? You get it, but will the business?

In this session, you'll see actual customer examples of building solid business cases that define the benefits, costs, and how many organisations have been able to help deliver a powerful return on investment.

In this session, we’ll discuss our experience working with teams to build and plan the case for change, covering infrastructure, DevOps culture, the use of containers for application delivery, and the benefits change will bring.

Attendees are expected to have foundational knowledge of containers, and their use in development environments. They may be looking at containers as a technology for standardising application delivery, and want to know how best to shift from development tooling, to using using containers in production.

The session will help attendees better understand and qualify the benefits of a container platform, what changes may be needed for adoption, how to identify the value of change to the business, and how to plan the project to deliver.

// Referenten

Ed Seymour Ed Seymour

has over 20 years experience working in software development and IT automation. With a career that started with a small software start-up, working efficiently and with agility was a necessity, and through his experience working at a global IT services company, gained valuable experience in promoting and effecting organisational change, adoption of agile methods, and automation of the software development life-cycle. At Red Hat, Ed's role has focused on enabling customers as they embrace new organisational behaviours and structures, for example DevOps, and developing new IT services through adoption of emerging technologies, such as Cloud Management, OpenStack, and specialises in solutions based on containers through Docker, Kubernetes and OpenShift.

Graeme Colman Graeme Colman

loves talking about about Open Source and how it drives innovation across IT today. He loves how large enterprises are looking at Open Source not only for technology innovation but also taking the opensource community culture and learning how to build that same community driven innovation culture in the enterprise. He works with Red Hat customers in helping them understand the power of our culture in building innovation into their business. He's exited by new technology, containers, microservices, PaaS and other tools that are driving the agile culture we see today. Outside of technology he's passionate about football, coaching my local youth team takes up all of my time outside of work helps me maintain a view of the energy and enthusiasm that children bring to their passion!