Die Konferenz für Continuous Delivery und DevOps
Mannheim, Congress Center Rosengarten,
14.-17. November 2016

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// Stop managing tech people! Empower them to build what you need! [Sponsored Talk]

In a world of automation, machine learning, and agility, we all speak about scalability, container, orchestration, ML, Big Data, growth hacking and so on - but what about people? We all have done some seed, Serie A etc. more growth, more funding, more board members etc. again and again and again. We all try to build the next generation software or to “uberize” our market. But it seems that we forget people. However, people is what is the most difficult to scale - and they are the key to innovation.

What, if we all got wrong on how of our companies are organized ?

With my experience from 5 to 150 people, multinational company 10K+ and a new company now with Cycloid, I will present you the principle and the feedback of a teal organization where the company is at the service of people and not the opposite:

- how we took in consideration people more than growth
- how we proceed with people on 24/7 production and development from Australia to US and France
- which tools do we use to be a remote company with international & asynchrone DNA
- which principles are the core value to allow people to be empowered and go fast without the need of management
- how we make people things done to provide the best service and build our CI/CD pipeline as a service…

This talk is aimed at people who are interested in thinking differently.

In a world of automation, machine learning and agility, I will present you some tracks to think differently in the interest of human beings to innovate and to take the right decision to build and develop what you need

// Benjamin Brial

is the founder of Cycloid.io, a company providing AWS Managed Services with a CI/CD container pipeline: "We believe that traditional hosting and managed service provider are dying, that DevOps is a marketing world but that we can really change the relation between Dev & Ops. I’m coming from traditional hosting and managed service in a start-up which has done an 'all-in-one' OpenStack and acquired by Red Hat. Then, I have been an EMEA Cloud Business Manager at Red Hat on OpenShift & OpenStack, working for major banks, telco and service providers. Today, at Cycloid, I focus on empowering tech people and try to demonstrate that we can build a company on other values than growth first. We believe that it’s from wellness and empowering people that the best execution in service and development comes."