Die Konferenz für Continuous Delivery und DevOps
Mannheim, Congress Center Rosengarten,
14.-17. November 2016

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// Delivering services cross-platform and multi cloud – Docker in production

Watson Developer Cloud delivers Watson Cognitive services as micro services to many IBM Watson customers globally. The API services are highly available in multiple geographical regions – not only in the offerings of our public cloud but also in dedicated ones.

We use Docker to deliver our cognitive micro services in our production environment since mid 2015. At the first release the micro services were packaged in ova, but since there were a few drawbacks, we gradually switched to use Docker. As a result, the service deployment time and start up time are significantly improved. We ran multiple private Docker registries per cloud environment. The simple process of building Docker images and moving them from Docker registry in one environment to another really simplified our continuous delivery process. With minimal deployment time and quick startup time, Docker makes our dynamic creation of service instance on the fly per customer request possible.

Basic Docker knowledge

Getting a feeling for what's needed to use Docker in production and what's possible

// Susan Diamond Susan Diamond

is the Continuous Delivery Leader in Watson Developer Cloud, IBM Watson Core Technology organization. Susan is a pioneer in exploiting and pushing Docker technology to Watson Developer Cloud since 2014. As a result, Docker is being used to package Watson Cognitive micro services in Watson's public cloud as well as dedicated cloud environments. Susan is an accomplished leader in Cloud Computing and has helped multiple cloud solution integration teams to successfully deliver multiple releases.