Kubernetes on bare metal, managed with GitLab [Sponsored Talk]

Since about a year now, 1&1 is running Kubernetes clusters as a general purpose platform. Recently having grown out of our beta definition, I will show what we built and how we manage running, updating and configuring one specific group of internal clusters by using Gitlab-CI Pipelines. In that context I will show how we configure the cluster for multi-tenancy.


Basic knowledge of the Kubernetes data model and the usual object types


* Learn about different ways to ingress cluster traffic
* How to automate cluster operation workflows with GitLab
* How to ease multi-tenancy configuration



ab 8.30 Uhr Registrierung und Begrüßungskaffee

9.30 Uhr Beginn


Machine Learning

  • Was ist Machine Learning?
  • Der typische ML Workflow
  • Was sind neuronale Netze?
  • Jupyter Lab mit Python
  • Eine Einführung in TensorFlow
  • Keras als High-Level API für TensorFlow

Praxisteil: Deep Learning Modelle mit Keras

  • Datengeneratoren
  • Datasets explorativ analysieren
  • Hold-Out vs. Cross Validation

11.00 - 11.15 Uhr: Kaffeepause

Praxisteil: Deep Learning Modelle mit Keras

  • Feed-Forward Netzarchitektur
  • Convolutional Neural Networks als Deep Learning Ansatz
  • Evaluation und Visualisierung des Modells

12.30 - 13.30 Uhr: Mittagspause

Pipelines mit Luigi

  • Anforderungen an produktive Modelle
  • Übersicht über Luigi und dessen Module
  • Bau eines Beispiel-Workflows

Praxisteil: Den Keras-Workflow mit Luigi implementieren

  • Anforderungen an produktive Modelle
  • Übersicht über Luigi und dessen Module
  • Bau eines Beispiel-Workflows

15.30 - 15.45 Uhr: Kaffeepause

Praxisteil: TensorFlow-Serving

  • Übersicht über TensorFlow-Serving
  • Ladestrategien konfigurieren
  • Deployment des Modells

ca. 17.00 Uhr: Ende




Stephan Fudeus Stephan Fudeus is an Evangelist for Continuous Delivery by title and a backend and infrastructure engineer by heart. He has a background of developing scalable multi-tenant applications for up to a million customers and their infrastructure in a DevOps fashion for the last 13 years at 1&1 Internet. He currently works in a team which creates and maintains internal Kubernetes clusters for 1&1 Mail & Media, one of the largest E-Mail providers in Germany. Besides conceptual and implementation work, he builds bridges between development and operations.





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