Continuously Delivering All the Things

With today’s fast-paced tech environment there never seems to be enough time to implement the latest and greatest methodologies. There is always another deadline. In a Kubernetes environment, one of the most fundamental and overlooked parts of the kubernetes infrastructure should be the implementation of a Continuous Delivery System.

The big lie is that this has to be complex. It can be as simple as

1. terraform init
2. terraform workspace select
3. terraform apply

An introduction on some best practices and tools to be aware of (Kustomize, Terraform, Helm etc…) when creating your infrastructure pipeline and some key pointers on where companies have gone wrong when implementation was done.

Most importantly the, “How do I get started with automation?” question is answered


Some understanding of cloud infrastructure


A simple workflow that can be applied as a starting point to get Continuous Delivery into your infrastructure lifecycle




Brendan Kamp
Brendan Kamp is a Cloud-Native Consultant for Container Solutions. His experience is in moving legacy systems and rearchitecting them to be more Cloud Native. While consulting is what he works on day to day, Coding and Development is what he is most passionate about.







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