Large scale Continuous Delivery – the building of a platform

This is the story of building an enterprise-wide Cloud Native CI/CD platform for a highly regulated financial company in Germany.

The failures, the successes, the decisions taken and the final result – a secure, multi-cluster, Openshift-based platform serving hundreds of developers every day. Assembled from open source components like Jenkins, Terraform and Kubernetes operators, its flexible architecture can be reproduced and modified for use at other companies, while the lessons learned will surely be beneficial for any team building a similar platform for their Cloud Native software delivery.


Basic knowledge of CI/CD pipelines and Kubernetes is a nice to have.


Share real-world approaches and lessons learned on how to build an enterprise-scale CI/CD platform. Technical decisions, architecture and also how to get the new system adopted by developers and operations.




Ádám Sándor
Ádám Sándor spent the past three years making Cloud native tech work for developers at various companies. Working as a senior consultant at Amsterdam-based Container Solutions, he is passionate about using Cloud native technology to enable better development practices like Continous Delivery.







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