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ClusterOps: The Power of GitOps to Infrastructure Provisioning

Within its seven years of existence, Kubernetes has been the centerpiece of the Cloud Native landscape, elevating a pluggable system that diversified the entire ecosystem. As a result, multiple areas have been developed in the industry, galvanizing solutions for components such as network, runtime, storage, and cluster provisioning.
The pivotal tool to manage cross-provider infrastructure has been Cluster API, leading a unique and radical stance for Kubernetes distribution. In association with a model such as GitOps, Cluster API assembles a mechanism that leverages the concept of a "cluster as a resource".

This talk will outline how ClusterOps can be modeled with Cluster API manifests and automated using GitOps tools such as ArgoCD and Flux.


Basic knowledge of Kubernetes, Cluster API and GitOps tooling is helpful.


Attendees will acquire an understanding of why automation of infrastructure provisioning is a powerful concept that leads an organization towards innovation.




Katie Gamanji
Katie Gamanji is currently the Ecosystem Advocate for CNCF, and works closely with the End User Community. Katie’s main goals are to develop and execute programs to expand the visibility and growth of the End User Community while bridging the gap with other ecosystem units, such as TOCs and SIGs. In the past roles, Katie contributed to the build-out of platforms that gravitate towards cloud-native principles and open-source tooling, with Kubernetes as the focal point. These projects started with the maintenance and automation of application delivery on OpenStack-based infrastructure, which transitioned into the creation of a centralized, globally distributed platform at Condé Nast.


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Microsoft Azure
Palo Alto Networks


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